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We've worked extensively to create methods in ARIS by using new and/or renamed objects, symbole and attributes and well as a customised filter but always seem to come up against an issue where there are certain restrictions we cannot passs using the items provided for in ARIS e.g. we would like a model that shows objects that are normally unrelated  on a new model type with new relationships between them.  

We've tried using quick models but those also dont always work for us as we'd like to add some of these objects to existing models as well.

While reading the methods manual today, I came across the following: Quick model
The Quick model model type enables you to model without method restrictions. The Quick model contains the Quick object object type with over 30 different symbols. Relationships of the has relation with type can be created between quick objects. Multiple connections of this type are allowed between two objects.
The corresponding default attributes can be specified for models, objects, and connections.
You can assign multiple quick models to all objects of any object type provided by ARIS Method. In addition, you can assign any number of models provided by ARIS Method to a quick object regardless of the model type.
You can transform Quick model model types and/or Quick object object types into method-based models or objects using the Semantics Generator in ARIS.


Where can I find out more information regarding using the semantic generator?  I've googled the terms and searched on this site but havent found anything yet?



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