Hello, i am trying to read from a .csv file which is in a defined location and thereafter manipulate the data.

I used to convert the .csv file manually to a .xls file and then import the.xls file and use it with the partial code below, however the new requirement is to read the .csv file directly.

Can anybody assist with the correct methods to read a .csv file and iterate through the lines.





var ImportFile = getpathandfile();
        var Excelapp = Context.getExcelReader(ImportFile.getData());
        var sheets = Excelapp.getSheets();
        var currentSheet = sheets[0];
        //var sheetname = currentSheet.getName();
        var dataRows = currentSheet.getRows ( );
        for(var m=0;m<dataRows.length;m++)
            var data = new classData();
            data.vAppName = dataRows[m].getCellAt(0).getCellValue ( );
            data.vOS = dataRows[m].getCellAt(1).getCellValue ( );
            data.vHardwareVendor = dataRows[m].getCellAt(2).getCellValue ( );


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