Question: Is there a report, semantic check or generic method to allow for easy discovery of models not adhering to a filter? 

Background: We've been using ARIS for the past ten years, with gradually wider adoption, and sometimes different approaches to modelling standards. During that time, we have gone for a gradual approach, where we create or enable new model types only as needed, with a minimum number of permitted symbols and connections, in order not to swamp modellers with lots of options, allowing them to focus on capturing and communicating knowledge. In order to support that, we have a fairly restricted modelling filter which has only gradually expanded. Models are made available throughout our organizations through ARIS Connect, using that modelling filter. If models are not in compliance with the filter, their occurences and connections are ghosted. 

Alternatives: I've looked at generating a new filter from our published database, and comparing that with our master filter, but this only tells me where there are discrepancies on a metamodel level, without helping me understand which models belonging to whom might be in violation. 

Tags: ARIS 10 ARIS Architect ARIS Connect