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Hi Everybody,

Today I would like to announce our great line-up of keynote speakers on all the hottest topics:

  1. Socialnomics: Word of Mouth Goes World of Mouth
    Erik Qualman, #1 Best-Selling Author on Digital Trends, Motivation & Leadership

    Social media is impacting what customers expect from businesses. Learn the “art of being flawsome,” how to create a digital stamp, the four secrets of success and more.

  2. The Emerging Industrial Internet
    William Ruh, VP, Global Software & Analytics Center, General Electric Company

    As machines become increasingly intelligent, there’s a seismic shift in productivity and efficiency. Explore the notion of the Industrial Internet, emerging business opportunities and more.

  3. The Road to the Digital Enterprise: Not every business is a digital business, but every business must become digital.
    Karl Heinz Streibich, CEO, Software AG

    The "four forces" mobile, social, cloud and big data are transforming business processes and technology platforms in fundamental ways. Gain an inspired vision of your digital enterprise and more.

  4. Innovations for the Digital Enterprise: The Digital Agility Layer
    Dr. Wolfram Jost, CTO, Software AG

    Everything is changing… market conditions, business models and rules and regulations. See how the latest Software AG innovations enhance the agility layer you’ll use to power your digital enterprise.

In addition to that don’t miss our biggest party of the year at the hip Metreon. Experience an evening that is unique to any other place in San Francisco.

Please find even more reasons to attend this year’s event at www.innovationworld2013.com.