How can I group shades of a color into one palette? So what I have is this:

        <description language="en" name="SAG Color Palette" />
        <description language="de" name="SAG Farbpalette" />        
    <colors>0x038299, 0x81C0CC, 0xB3D9E0, 0x42A1B3, 0xD9ECF0, 0x96AB36, 0xC0CD88, 0xD5DDB0, 0xB0C06B, 0xE5EACD, 0xD16400, 0xE3A266, 0xEDC199, 0xDD8B40, 0xF3D8BF, 0x233356, 0x7B859A, 0xA7ADBB, 0x4F5C78, 0xC8CCD5, 0xC6092A, 0xDD6B7F, 0xE89DAA, 0xD13A55, 0xF1C1CA, 0x4B6F2B, 0x93A980, 0xB7C5AA, 0x6F8C55, 0xD2DBCA,    0x7B0036, 0xB06686, 0xCA99AF, 0x95335E, 0xDEBFCD</colors>


But what I´m looking for is sth like that:

<stylegroup name="SAG_ColorScheme" category="COLORS" id="2">
		<stylegrouptemplate templatename="lagunablue">
			<styledeclaration name="seriesStyle">
				<style name="seriesFills">[0x038299, 0x81C0CC, 0xB3D9E0, 0x42A1B3, 0xD9ECF0]</style>
		<stylegrouptemplate templatename="valleygreen">
			<styledeclaration name="seriesStyle">
				<style name="seriesFills">[0x96AB36, 0xC0CD88, 0xD5DDB0, 0xB0C06B, 0xE5EACD]</style>
		<stylegrouptemplate templatename="desertorange">
			<styledeclaration name="seriesStyle">
				<style name="seriesFills">[0xD16400, 0xE3A266, 0xEDC199, 0xDD8B40, 0xF3D8BF]</style>
		<stylegrouptemplate templatename="oceanblue">
			<styledeclaration name="seriesStyle">
				<style name="seriesFills">[0x233356, 0x7B859A, 0xA7ADBB, 0x4F5C78, 0xC8CCD5]</style>

Any idea?

by Andreas Vogt Author
Posted on Tue, 09/18/2012 - 09:17

Ok, guys. 85 views is not so bad. But no one has a clue?


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