I have been running ARIS 10 SR5 from the education package for some time now. Recently the local server stopped loading with unknown errors. I tried uninstalling ARIS 10 but it would not uninstall cleanly. I tried to manually remove the product using some Microsoft tools. I must have missed something because when I try to reinstall the setup still knows exactly where to look for the license file.

The issue I have with the reinstall is that, according to the install log, it fails to install the zoo runnable. I have not been able to figure out how to get it to completely cleanly uninstall so that I can cleanly reinstall, or how to work around the failed zoo runnable install.

Are there instructions on manually removing the Education package ARIS 10 install for a clean install, or on how to troubleshoot the failed runnable install that is preventing overall setup?

Thank you.