Hi all

I'm just beginning writing some scritpt reports and I have a couple of questions.

First, how do you version script sources? I did not see any built-in versioning capabilities for scripts. I was thinking of using github for versioning the scripts and copy/paste between github and aris script editor. The downside is script tables (which contains text constants definitions) : is it possible to export/import the content of the script tables to version them with git ?

My second question is about testing object occurrence equality. For example, given the object occurrences of a model, I get the relationships of the object and I want to test if a given object occurrence is the target or source of the relationship.

So far I'm using this test :

  if (relations_list[i].TargetObjOcc().ObjDef().ObjectID()== anObjOcc.ObjDef().ObjectID())

which seems pretty complicated (but it  does the trick)

because the test (relations_list[i].TargetObjOcc() == anObjOcc ) does not seem to work (I'm learning javascript at the same time)

But is there a more simple test ? 

Thanks for your answsers,