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Hi everyone!

Hope some of you will help me with a useful advise=)

I'm looking for the exact report in excel which would upload every models from ARIS beginning from the global ones like (Process map) and ending with flowchar diagrams. 

The excel file would have these types of columns(fields):


Model name Descriptions of the model Type of the model Relationships Attributes

<Just the name of a model>

<Short text description of a model(if it exists)>

<Whether it is flowchart or PSD or Process map>

<With which diagrams this model has relationships>

<Just a list with all attributes model has>




Furtheremore in order to upload such a report you won't have to select all the diagrams with their consequences but you will have to just select the major one from with all processes begin.

So the question is: Does ARIS have such a report? Is doesn't maybe you would suggest some scripts or something/

P.S. If I'm not that clear please tell me and I will provide you with additional infomation=)

P.S. Looking forward to all replies.


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