Hello everyone

I've been asked how to version a document using ARIS Connect for designers and the first thing that came into my mind was to check ARIS Connect Designer User Manual page 369 - 370. I did all the steps in there but unfortunately still have no results so I had to start a trial/error functional phase in order to get what the customer asked for.

  • Added an ARIS Connect License to my "system" user
  • On ARIS Connect, went to Repository, then looked for the model I wanted to version and then clicked on Versioning
  • Put a comment and created a new version of the document, so far so good.

Now, we tried to make an actual different version of a same model by making some slight changes on it.

  • I went to Portal / View Models and Documents
  • I looked for the model and clicked on Edit Model so I enabled the edit mode
  • I changed a small text randomly, then saved the Model
  • I attempted to click on Go to Ocurrence in Explorer, however the functionality became unavailable after saving the model.

So I got stuck here and can't figure out what else to do to move forward and have the designers being able to version their documents. BTW, I worked on a versionable database all this time to make these tests.


Thank you very much for your assistance

Have a nice day