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We are using ARIS Cloud Advanced and we would like to be able to have process metrics appear in the "Create Process Manual" report.  Each process has various KPIs including task durations (min, max, average).  Overall processes also are associated with Service Level Agreements (SLAs) that define process duration "standards".  We are not sure how best to provide relationships to these metrics such that the information appears in the process manuals (i.e., the standard "Create Process Manual" report).  Any Function-to-KPI relationships we created do not seem to appear in the reports.  We are interested to know what solutions others have used or developed for reporting these relationships.

Note that we considered modifying the "Create Process Manual" report script but it is quite complex and we are relatively new to ARIS.

We also understand that there are other ARIS applications that may use such metrics attributes (e.g., ARIS Simulation), so we do not want to create any work-arounds that might interfere with these functions if we add these applications later.

Any practical advice would be greatly appreciated.