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ADF overview

ADF is the abbreviation for „ARIS Document file“, which is the proprietary file format for ARIS Express.

ADF files…

  • … can be imported into ARIS databases using the ARIS Business Architect
  • … contain a screenshot of your model, making it possible to be shown in the list of your recently opened ARIS Express files
  • … can be created in ARIS Express, but also be the result of an import from Microsoft Visio and from ARISAlign
  • … can be uploaded into the ARIS Community in order to share it with other users
  • … are delivered to you during the installation of ARIS Express as sample models, to give you the possibility to learn the ARIS methology.

ADF & ARIS Community

Now go on and create your own adf files. The required steps are: Download ARIS Express, check some model examples or video tutorials, start modeling, share your models and discuss them with other users, and if you haven't joined the ARIS Community yet do it now!;-)

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