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Start your cloud journey into the world of process design

BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation) is a notation for process modeling. Get started with process modeling using the free modeling tool ARIS Express. Document and share your business processes using the recently released BPMN 2 standard. Automate and simulate your business processes using professional ARIS Platform tools.


The Business Process Modeling Notation version 2 (BPMN 2) is a process modeling notation maintained by OMG, a public standardization organization. BPMN 2 is used to document business processes and workflow processes alike. It supports modeling of activities, events, gateways, swimlanes, etc.

BPMN 2 example process models and BPMN articles are available on ARIS Community for direct download.ARIS BPM Community supports you in learning BPMN process modeling by providing many articles about BPMN. You can also browse a list of BPMN example models shared by ARIS Community members. If you have questions how to get started with BPMN or you want to discuss BPMN best practices, make sure to join the BPMN Community group here on ARIS BPM Community.

ARIS supports BPMN since first release of BPMN. ARIS provides cutting edge BPMN 2 process modeling for beginners and advanced modelers. For beginners, BPMN 2 modeling is available in the ARIS Basic edition.

BPMN process modeling support is available in ARIS Express and ARIS Platform tools. The products of ARIS platform support BPMN 2 as follows:

  • BPMN conversation diagram
  • BPMN process diagram
  • EPC to BPMN transformation
  • XPDL export of BPMN 2 diagrams
  • etc.

Get your free cheat sheet copy

To get your free cheat sheet copy click on the picture to enlarge it and download the pdf document.

BPMN in ARIS cheat sheet

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