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ARIS Express is based on the proven ARIS method and industry standards. Its intuitive user interface and the latest improvements in modeling assistances enable instant results. This free version will appeal to universities and vocational schools, as well as BPM beginners and occasional users. ARIS Express is not a limited demo or trial version but a free of charge modeling software which is a reasonable replacement for other drawing tools.

Beside standard modeling functionalities, ARIS Express offers additional highlights especially for BPM beginners:

Smart design enables modelers to capture company information fast and easy based on a spreadsheet-view. Users can concentrate on the content and don’t have to take care of modeling standards or correct placement of objects. The model is generated instantly after putting in the needed data and can be changed again.

Another new modeling assistance in ARIS Express is the idea of model fragments. When modeling e.g. process models or organizational structures, users have to take care of modeling conventions or have to model the same combination of objects again and again. This can now be handled by definition of fragments as a combination of objects which can be re-used for further modeling.

Creating content in ARIS Express includes the concept of context sensitive modeling. ARIS Express indicates with the help of a mini toolbarwhich symbols can be used to connect to the current object and even the creation and connection of multiple objects is possible.

All these modeling features are also available in professional ARIS Platform products with the next service release. As ARIS Express is a file-based modeling tool, the import of models etc. into professional ARIS Platform products is possible and the information can be re-used and enhanced. For growing BPM initiatives and increasing requirements such as multi-user capabilities, enhanced reports and analytics, consistent and collaborative storing of company information, an upgrade to the professional ARIS Platform products of Software AG is always possible.

Feature highlights

  • Models for process landscapes, business processes, organizational charts, IT infrastructure, system landscapes, data models, and more
  • Fast modeling with the help of mini toolbar for context sensitive object placement
  • Spreadsheet-based capturing of information and automatic generation of models with smart design functionality
  • Define your fragments for often used combinations of objects
  • Valuable reference content to complement the free, proven ARIS method
  • Exchange and discuss your models and ideas in ARIS Community
  • All results can be reused in professional ARIS Business Process Management tools

Feature comparison

Features ARIS Express Professional ARIS Platform products
9 basic diagrams available available
Print models available available
Export models as PDF & EMF available available
Define own fragments available available
Mini toolbar modeling available available
Smart designs available available
Online help available available
Basic search functionality available available
150+ diagram types (additional modeling standards and frameworks)   available
Multi-user support   available
Multi-language support   available
Central repository   available
Repository-wide re-use of objects   available
Define and execute reports and analysis   available
Dynamic process simulation   available
Activity-based costing and process cost analysis   available
Document Management System support   available
Web-based dynamic model publication   available
Configurable model-views and filter   available
Matrix editor   available
Model variants   available
Versioning   available
Model comparison   available
WYSIWYG report designer   available
Configurable meta model   available
User & database administration   available
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