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Format free-form texts

You have several options for formatting free-form texts.


Right-click in the free-form text and select the relevant pop-up menu:

  • Click on Format/Representation to
    • determine the font format and alignment (left, centered, or right),
    • represent the entire text as a comment, i.e., like a post-it note,
    • enable or prevent character formatting,
    • specify the current free-form text formatting as the default for all new free-form texts.

      The changes of appearance only affect the currently selected free-form text.

  • Make sure that the Character formatting option in the Text properties (Format/Representation) dialog is enabled, and click on the Format/Character pop-up menu to highlight individual terms in bold or in color, for example.
  • Click on Format/Paragraph to improve the legibility of individual paragraphs by applying numbering, bullets, or indents to them.


You can quick-access individual formatting functions using the toolbar.

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