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Page setup

You can set up the pages for printing models.


  1. Click on View/Options and then on Page layout.
  2. Specify the margins using the Left, Top, Right, and Bottom boxes.
  3. Enable the Show navigation marks check box if you want adjacent print pages to be indicated by arrows. In the printout, the arrows are located at the outer edge of the paper and contain the page number of the adjacent page. Navigation marks help you assemble model printouts that extend over multiple pages.
  4. Click on the Page setup button. The Page setup dialog opens.
  5. Select the paper size, the source of your printer's paper feed, and the orientation.
  6. Click on OK to close the dialog. Changes you made with regard to the margins are applied.
  7. Click on OK to close the dialog.

The models are printed on the basis of these settings.


If you have a model open, you can quickly change the print settings by clicking on File/Page setup. The settings you specify are applied as option settings.

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