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Place object attributes

You can place object information directly in the model window.


  1. Right-click on the object for which you want to place attributes in the model window, and then click on Properties. The Object properties dialog opens.
  2. Click on Attribute placement (objects).
  3. Click on the Add button. The Add attributes dialog opens.
  4. Select the attributes you want to place.
  5. Click on OK to close the dialog.
  6. Click on the attribute names in the Placed attributes box, and specify where you want to place them at the object.
  7. Specify other options, if required.
  8. Click on OK to close the dialog.

The attributes you selected are placed at the corresponding positions. If a value has not yet been specified for placed attributes, it is then displayed at the defined position when you enter the value.


  • You can also drag attributes from the Attributes pane into the model. To do this, click on a value in the pane and, while holding the left mouse button down, drag the value to the desired position in the model window.
  • You can, e.g., also move attributes placed in objects, such as names, to a new position. To do this, select the object and then click on the border of the name area. Black handles are displayed. Now click on the name, hold down the mouse button, and drag the name to the desired position in the model window. To reposition placed attributes from outside of objects, you just need to click on the attribute and move it.