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Place object using the Mini toolbar

You can easily place objects in the model window using the Mini toolbar.


  1. Place an object in the model window.
  2. Click on the placed object. The Mini toolbar is shown and offers the objects that can be connected to the placed object. If objects other than those displayed are available, the Add symbols button is enabled. By clicking on this button, you can add other objects to the Mini toolbar.
  3. Click on the object you want to connect with the placed object.
  4. Click on the position in the model window where you would like to insert the object. If you set a grid, the object symbol will be placed according to the grid width.

The object is placed and a connection between the selected and the newly placed object is created.


The Mini toolbar is shown as transparent for selected objects if the mouse pointer is not over it. If you do not want the Mini toolbar to be shown for a selected object, move the mouse pointer a few centimeters away from the selected object. It will then only be shown when you select it again.