Our ARIS Community is here to help you with your questions. On the other hand, it is also an opportunity to join interesting discussions and help other ARIS Community members find solutions to their issues. 

How to ask a question 

Begin by searching in case a similar question has been answered already. 

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If you need to create a new question, please follow this guidance. The key to get the information you are looking for is asking good questions, and we recommend these 5 essential steps: 

  • Write a short title that briefly summarizes what your question is about. Your specific title might also help other ARIS Community members find your question when they are searching for a similar issue. 

  • Select the right forum. Are you using ARIS Basic, ARIS Express or ARIS Process Mining? You could be more specific and choose a forum for Reports & Macros, Administration & User Management, or University Relations and others. 

  • Provide enough background details to the problem – What have you tried already? Any error messages?  

  • Add a file or ARIS model if needed.  

  • When the question is ready, click “Publish”. 

If someone has provided a response that solved your issue, please mark it as a Best Reply, so others know that the solution was useful. 

How to answer a question 

If you are not sure you are ready to answer questions or solve problems on the ARIS forums, don’t be shy. Your first reply might be difficult, but we encourage you to share your knowledge. Our recommendations for answering the question are: 

  • Choose a question that interests you, and make sure you understand it well before answering. 

  • Answer clearly and in a constructive way. Ask for more information if the question lacks background details. You may also provide feedback on how to improve the question. 

  • You can use the tool bar to link your comment to another article or to add a picture. So, your answer will be more relevant. 

  • Be polite and friendly. Together we are creating a supportive and successful place for sharing BPM skills. 


Adding relevant tags helps other ARIS Community members to find your post easily. You can select up to five tags.