Supporting Operational Excellence

SPIRIT is a boutique consulting firm, that aids companies of all industries to address inherent operational deficiencies and strategise a long-term survival plan to overcome the crisis. For 20 years we have worked with leading enterprises to enhance the performance of their business processes through analysis and formulation of optimization interventions using best of breed technologies and methodologies.

We believe that business processes are at the core of an ecosystem comprised of people, business rules, services, information, technology and applications.

With exceptional knowledge of ARIS platform we have a pool of skills for the creation and maintenance of customizations, integrations, scripts and reports to complete our ARIS-related range of services like analysis,training and healthchecks. As for the automation optimizations our team is competent in state of the art platforms and solutions(RPA,Process Mining,workflows etx).


Quick facts

  • Greece, Cyprus and Worldwide
  • All Industries
  • BPM Consulting & Solutions
  • >20 years of experience in Operational Excellence

Products & Solutions

  • Business & IT Transformation

  • Governance, Risk & Compliance

  • Migration

  • Training

  • Customizing