Inspire Innovation by Realizing Digital Transformation

TSME is based on a strong foundation of experience marking it a transformation leader with a strong commitment to deploy unique, innovative solutions and technologies for an exceptional transformation journey. Starting with setting the final vision and ending with realizing the envisioned future state, TSME is strongly committed to empowering capabilities for innovative, first-rate results.

We at TSME have adopted the best approach, hired the best resources, and partnered with international state-of-art technology providers to better guide our trusted clients in their transformation journey. We will Design, Execute, Accelerate and Monitor your transformation journey cover to cover. In brief, we walk the talk!

Your digital vision is guaranteed to be realized with TSME, whether you are looking for innovative Business Process Management, Automation, AI accelerators, RPA, Chatbots, Data Operations, or Performance Monitoring.

Quick facts

  • Market Excellence Award-Global by SAG
  • 3 Best Transformation Project by SAG
  • Best Services Provider by SAG
  • 50+ SAG clients across all Industries

Products & Solutions

  • Business & IT Transformation

  • Process Mining & Analysis

  • Governance, Risk & Compliance

  • Migration

  • Training