Overview Process-Driven SAP Management

ARIS helps companies to design their enterprise, including business and IT processes and their complex flow and decision logic, organizational responsibilities and structures, technical and business requirements, related data flow and architectures, systems, services and much more for the purpose of documenting, analyzing, simulating and publishing processes. But how can ARIS help during an SAP project?

ARIS for SAP Solutions can help. With the solution you can:

  • Bridge the gap between business and IT
  • Engage all teams in all SAP project phases, from business blueprint to go-live and long after
  • Derive SAP processes from your strategy
  • Design the processes supported by your SAP solutions
  • Test and train the SAP processes
  • Support successful migration to S/4HANA

The Process-Driven SAP lifecycle


ARIS supports all SAP project phases
Figure 1: ARIS supports all SAP project phases

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For more information go to ARIS For SAP product page or watch this lecture (German only)

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