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Process management overview

Download free modeling tool ARIS Express

Process management is an approach to organizational design that implies that activities performed within the company are organized and optimized in processes.

An important part of process management is the documentation of processes. The free modeling tool ARIS Express provides various possibilities for documenting and visualizing processes. It supports all model types, such as the business model or the organizational chart, that you need to ensure coherent and transparent process documentation.

How does process management work and what are the prerequisites?

An important prerequisite of successful process management is process-oriented thinking. This means that the main focus is not on the department-based division of tasks, but rather on individual employees as they are the ones to perform the relevant process steps.

Task areas of process management

Process management can be divided into the following task areas:

  • Process recording identifies and documents an organization's actual business processes
  • Process modeling can be used to represent current processes of an organization and illustrate the required to-be business situation the organization aims to achieve based on defined process goals
  • Process visualization makes processes transparent to employees and helps create a firm visual anchor in their minds
  • Process analysis identifies optimization potential
  • Process optimization allows for continuous process improvement
  • Process controlling deals with the implementation of business processes across an enterprise

Goals of process management

Process management is a means of defining, visualizing, measuring, monitoring, and optimizing processes. Besides that, it enables all members of a company to know and understand the processes within their company and to implement them according to the goal to meet customer requirements profitably.

Companies mainly aim at:

  • increasing customer satisfaction
  • boosting productivity

To ensure the achievement of these objectives, process management is concerned with the design and optimization of business processes, taking into account the following points:

  • Increased effectiveness
  • Increased efficiency
  • Increased transparency

Furthermore, process management creates process structures based on the following requirements:

  • Processes must be effective
  • Process performance must be efficient
  • Processes must be clear and transparent to all persons involved and must be supported by them accordingly

ARIS Community & Process management

From here you can start to discuss with other users, experts and beginners about process management. You can learn how to model your processes to visualize them for others in a clear way. The required steps for this are: Download ARIS Express, have a look at some model samples or video tutorials, start modeling, share your models and discuss them with other users, and if you haven't joined ARIS Community yet, do it now! ;-)

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