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‘ARIS Discount’ is a special offer that provides a 70% discount on the list price of our ARIS Cloud products under the same licenses and conditions.

In contrast to our free of charge licenses that only provides ARIS for educational and research purposes, ‘ARIS Discount’ also allows the use of ARIS for administrative, productive, and commercial purposes within the eligible customer segments. This offer covers our ARIS Basic, ARIS Advanced and ARIS Process Mining Advanced products.

image ARIS Discount for Universities


The license for ‘ARIS Discount for Universities’ is specially intended for administrative purposes in universities, colleges and other research and educational institutes.

Unlike our ARIS Education Package licenses for students and faculties that was especially designed for teaching and research purposes “in the lecture hall”, ‘ARIS Discount for Universities’ is a special offer intended for the “administration office”. Among other things, the license allows the use of ARIS to model and optimize any university processes and campus management systems within the university administration.

The ‘ARIS Discount for Universities’ license can be freely configured. For universities, we recommend starting with ARIS Advanced with 1 ARIS Designer, 10 ARIS Viewer. If you also opt for a 24-month subscription, you receive an additional 5% Discount. After redeeming your Discount Coupon, the shop price will de reduced by 70% and you will receive your ‘ARIS Discount for Universities’-License for 9.959,04 € / 24 months or 414,96 € / month excl. VAT.

Image: ARIS Advanced Order in ARIS Cloud Shop, after putting in the voucher (Discount coupon),

Please note: The minimum order is ARIS Basic with licenses for 1 ARIS Designer and 10 ARIS Viewer, which can be purchased for 49,59 € / month excl. VAT.

Software AG provides this highly discounted offer within its Corporate Social Responsibility. Its price essentially covers the cost from the cloud operators. It is not intended to produce a profit.

image Access to ARIS Discount for Universities


To use this exclusive offer, you need a Discount Coupon which you can apply for here in ARIS Community. There are only two steps:

Step 1)

Are you already an ARIS User? 
If you are already registered as a faculty member in ARIS Community, for example as you have already used any ARIS Education Package for Faculties, then please go to step 2.

Are you new here?
If so, then we kindly ask you to authenticate your position as a faculty member by:

Please understand that we must check every request individually and this may take some time. You will then here back from us via E-Mail.


Image: Logging in and registering as a faculty member (simplified representation)


Step 2)

As soon as you are registered as a faculty member, please re-login to ARIS Community. The button at the top that said, “Register now” should instead say “Subscribe”. Now you can request a discount code for ‘ARIS Discount for Universities’.

The Discount coupon will be sent to your given E-Mail address. There you can also find all the important information regarding extending your license and a link to the ARIS Cloud Shop.

The ARIS Cloud Shop is completely unrelated to ARIS Community. It is a separate system that gives our customers worldwide the ability to order ARIS. With your Discount coupon you get the one-time ability to buy ARIS at a heavily discounted price.

You can change the pre-configured ARIS order based on your needs by clicking on ‘edit’. Please pay attention to the accompanying changes in the price. The moment you put in your Discount coupon, the price would be reduced by 70% and you would be able to confirm that in the top right corner. With the click of the ‘Continue’ button, the code would be redeemed.

Reminder: ARIS Cloud Shop is a separate system. Like any of our customers, you would need to fill out the necessary information. The difference here is that you can request a Discount coupon here in ARIS Community that is sent via E-Mail. Please follow the instructions in the E-Mail and the steps to create your project room.


Image: Subscription process (simplified representation)

Tip: Under “Select other methods”, there are other options you can choose from for your payment method. Should you opt for “Wire transfer” (Bank Transfer), a preliminary invoice would be available for download. As soon as we receive your payment, you will receive your log in credentials to ARIS Cloud.

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We invite everyone to participate and discuss in our University Relations Forum. Open processes can be shared there to help achieve optimal productivity. Additionally, you can find answers to your questions in the forums and can easily discuss with us or with other ARIS Users.

You can also check out our ARIS Basic FAQs and Training Materials in the Know-how Section. We recommend these Videos for a quick introduction to modelling in ARIS:


You want to contact us directly? Then please contact us at



image Terms & Conditions and Security


Here you can find the ARIS Cloud Terms and Conditions Agreement.
Here you can find more details on security in ARIS Cloud.

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Privacy is one of our core values. If you want to delete some personal information, please send your request to


Last but not least, on behalf of University Relations:
Thank you for your interest in ‘ARIS Discount for Universities’. Should you miss something or want to give us feedback on how to improve, please feel free to reach out. We can only meet your expectations when we have your feedback, and we would really appreciate it. Communities are very strong when there are not only a) many but also b) active users. You could also help other institutions to optimize their own processes by help making them aware of this exclusive offer and the community. We hope that, together with you and other institutions, we can make each day a little bit better. We really appreciate your support!
Best regards,
Your Software AG University Relations Team