Hello ARIS community, 

im trying to summarize my BPMN and tried to make a lot of subprocesses. The problem is that you can't send messages out of a subprocess. (http://www.ariscommunity.com/users/ilzebuksa/2011-04-04-how-model-message-flows-subprocess

Here is some graphic i made for my example: 

Graphic 1

This is what i want to show. (in the lower one a task is missing before "Information Ok?"; shown right in Graphic 2)

But with the message restriction i don't think that im allowed to do that (It is not possible to model the lower part in the subprocess normally, because no messages can go out).

I tried to model it in another way, but it isn't that small and seems more complicated:
Graphic 2

Somebody has an idea how to model it properly that it fits in one task? I was studying some books and the internet, but have not found an example what solves my problem. 


Andrej Bauer