I am having trouble when I am trying to organize my models.

In database 1: I create a Group (folder) and then create models within that Group.

I now move the created / approved models to stable/static DB (database 2)

ARIS creates the group(s) in the Database 2 along with exporting the models

Later I want to organize - so I move my models (drag and drop in the Explorer window) into a new Group(s) withing database 2.

The old group is now empty.

But when i try to delete the empty group - I get the warning that it is tied to objects. Deleting the group will remove my objects in models that are now in other groups.


How do I clean up my Explorer and delete these empty groups (folders)?

Thank You

Adam Hulse

P.S. I'm in the process of moving to ARIS 10 as well, but I assume its the same issue.


Tags: ARIS 10 ARIS Architect export