We are using the Aris BPMN collaboration diagram, (which representas each function as a BPMN task. when adding an assignment to a FAD model, the occurence of the object is placed on each new FAD model. (in our case a function object with a symbol of "task") 

Our metamodel requires that the function on the FAD model has the "function" symbol and not the "task" symbol and our users have been changing this with minimal ease... 

Lately there is a problem where the users are unable to change the symbols on the FAD objects.. (message below) - there have been no changes to access rights. 

ERROR: Objects in the following models cannot be changed 


Any ideas here?  

Aris Server version" 7.4.4

Aris Client version - 7.4.4

The users (using Business Designer licenses ) cannot change the symbol of the function object to that of a Function object with a Function Symbol,

Tags: ARIS Architect BPMN