I am trying to sync ARIS business designer with Sol Man.

ARIS is installed in a server and deployed as a web client.

For synchronization, I have deployed the SAP JCO files on the client machine and tried to connect.

An error " Unable to find file 'sapjco.jar'. For further information please click on 'Help' or refer to the

Administration Guide" comes up

I am using SAPJCO version 2.1.8 32 bit version. ARIS 7.1 and has maintained the path & classpath environment variables.


Do I need to maintain the SAP JCO files on the server or on the client machines or both?


Thanks in advance

Best Regards






by Ajesh TS Author
Posted on Wed, 01/27/2010 - 05:49

Hi Sascha,


Thanks for your reply. Another stupid question, When I try to establish the connectivity from the web client, it tries to connect using the local SAP GUI (using SAPlogon.ini)

Do I need to install SAP GUI on the server also?  Would it be fine just to deploy the SAP JCo files in server?


I have deployed SAP JCO in the Business server and it still gives the Error. SAP JCO I use is 2.1.8 ( OS & JVM used are 32 bit )


Thanks in Advance

Ajesh TS




by Sascha Ding
Posted on Wed, 01/27/2010 - 08:22

Hi Mr. Ajesh,

for the Solution Manager synchronisation it is necessary to deploy the SAP JCO on the server and you don't need to install the SAP GUI. But you have to copy the three JCO files sapjco.jar, sapjcorfc.dll and librfc32.dll in the right folder. If you use the ARIS SAP connectivity e.g. transaction start then you have to install the SAP GUI on the client because you will start the transaction and the transaction is open inside the SAP GUI. Of cause for the SAP connectivity it is necessary to deploy the SAP JCO on the client.

- ARIS SAP Solution Manager synchronisation need the JCO on the server and no SAP GUI.

- ARIS SAP Connectivity need the JCO on the client and SAP GUI.

You can check if the JCO is installed correctly with the execution of the SAP JCO as described in that community entry:

I hope it works ;-))) If it should not work then it is the best if you post the error message!

Best regards,





by Ajesh TS Author
Posted on Thu, 01/28/2010 - 02:20

Thanks Sascha. I will Check again


Best Regards

by Ajesh TS Author
Posted on Fri, 02/05/2010 - 04:58

Hi Sascha,

Your replies helped a lot. I could establish the sync between Solution Manager & ARIS

The scenario was like this

The server was using a 64bit JVM and the Platform installation uses a 32 bit JVm and both are installed in the same server. And the access is through web client using the Aris Platform

copied the 32 bit .dll files to \windows\syswow64 directory  and 64 bit dll files in \windows\system32 directory (an EM64T processor from Intel, hence 2.1.8 version of x86-64 SAP JCo used) 

The " sapjco.Jar not found" error was repeating

In the Path environment variable, ensured that the 32 bit directory (\syswow64) appears before the 64 bit directory(system32). It worked


Thanks a lot


Best Regards






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