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In the article series on the TOP features of ARIS 9, we introduced you to a number of great improvements of the ARIS Platform. ARIS 9 features an all-new and improved user experience, includes spreadsheets for calculation and data entry, and facilitates platform management with central user and license management. New ad-hoc analysis and graphical query functionality and the collaboration in ARIS Connect allow you to accelerate the creation and documentation of critical business knowledge and to share it throughout your company in easy-to-understand formats.

The knowledge collected in the ARIS repository is an invaluable input for system development. Even more, ARIS is the perfect tool to support you in business blueprinting and solution blueprinting: In addition to process design, ARIS includes models for designing data flows and definitions, screen flows and designs, service definitions, rule statements, risks and controls, measurements and KPIs.

The OpenBPM solution represents rather a philosophy than a single feature. It stands for the ongoing commitment of Software AG to provide ARIS as an open, implementation independent EA platform with integration points for process automation on any target system.

Let’s take a short look at the different features and solutions linking the ARIS Repository to process execution:

Open BPM

The ARIS-webMethods Integration stands at the core of the Software AG Business Process Excellence Lifecycle: methodology, services and tools for a consistent specification and implementation of your core processes on the webMethods BPMS. In a structured approach, your business process model – the core of the business blueprint – is transformed into a BPMN representation. This model forms the starting point and backbone for collaborative solution blueprinting. It can subsequently be shared with the webMethods Designer to ensure consistent and robust implementation of your core business solutions.

OpenBPM makes the business blueprinting and solution blueprinting capabilities available for implementation in 3rd party BPMS through a standard BPMN import/export interface. In addition, the ARIS report designer allows you to generate customized design documentation without the need of a single line of coding.

The Process-driven SAP solution is provides a two-way synchronization between ARIS and SAP Solution Manager. In addition to using process information from ARIS as the leading structure of your SAP implementation and maintenance projects, it makes the process information accessible as online guide from the running SAP system and features transaction start and SAP documentation access directly from your ARIS Client and ARIS Publication.

The ARIS UML Designer 9 supports UML 2.4.1 and features XMI 2.1 import and export including the UML Diagram Interchange specification as a standard interface to Integrated Development Environments.

In a nutshell, ARIS 9 is more than ever a truly integrated architecture and design repository that can serve as the single point of truth for business analysis, transformation and automation.