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Hello everyone!

I need your knowledge and help about the following case:

I use a spreadsheet model in ARIS10 in order to show an attribute value of 1 attribute for several objects. Please see the ilustration attaced:

  • in cell B2, I typed '=ARIS_ATTRIBUTE (API name)';
  • for the 1st object I typed: '=ARIS_ATTRIBUTE_VALUE(A4;B2)'
  • then I tried to put in the formula '$' in order to copy and paste it for other rows, but it didn't work - '=ARIS_ATTRIBUTE_VALUE(A4;$B$2)', because in cell 'B2' is the attribites itself.

Could you please give me an advice what can I do in order to transpose the formula to the other rows and not to type it over and over again.

Thank you very much in advanced for you time!

Kind Regards,


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