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In this tutorial, we will show you how to navigate through an already usable process example in ARIS Cloud to become familiar with the different process content views in ARIS Cloud.

Step I: Open in your browser, select My ARIS Cloud, and log in with your personal login data to open your project room and click Launch to open the product:

Step II: On the Portal view, click Navigation to navigate to the Overview page of the Main group:

Step III: Click Business processes to open the next Overview page for the business processes group:

Step IV: Click on HR management to open the Overview page of the HR management model:

The example HR management describes a hiring process. In the Description section, you can read more about the purpose of that process. Under Relevant activities, all process steps are listed.

Step V: Click on Diagram to see the process model and review its Attributes for more details about the process:

Step VI: Click on any process step in the model (e.g. HR Management) to load its Attributes.

Step VII: Click Related objects to see which relations the selected object has to other objects, also known as connections. Now drill down to a sub process: click the assignment symbol next to the object Recruiting:

Process Live drill down

You will see the Overview page of the model Recruiting:

Step VIII: Click Diagram to get to the process model:

Step IX: Click the assignment symbol next to the object Matching job applicants to job requirements. After it is loaded, click Diagram:

That model is an EPC (Event-driven Process Chain), describing a process flow. To see the complete model, click Full screen button below the model.

You can navigate through the model with your mouse: click and hold left mouse button and move the cursor in any direction. Alternatively, click the small light gray rectangular and move it inside the larger gray rectangle.

Step X: Click Exit full screen button on the bottom to restore the window’s size. You will notice for this model there are two more views available, Steps and Table.  Click Steps to explore the same process model in a much simpler way. This view is meant for users that just need to understand a step-by-step sequence of a process rather than the whole EPC model:

Next to each selected activity you can review related information such as linked organization units and IT systems. Click on the next process step below the highlighted one to navigate through the process.

Step XII: Click Table to get another simple view on the same process model. That is a list of all process steps (functions) where you can add related IT systems, organizational units etc.

Step XIII: Click Add column on the right and select Organizational unit types:

Process Live add column

And add a column for IT Systems in the same way.

Now click Matrix (left of Add column) to change the layout from a table to matrix with all functions and their connected org. units and IT systems.

Now you know how to browse content in ARIS Cloud. In the next tutorial, we will show you how to create your own process model.

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