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Good afternoon,

I would like to ask for your help on a Mashzone related topic.

The client, in question, has installed: Designer, ARCM, Publisher and Mashzone and we have developed a Dashboard that has worked until now.

The dashboard crashed and for the evaluation the Data feed, the error is in the CSV that supposedly serve to carry the ARCM information to the Mashzone. The following error  "401 - unauthorized";

The error appears in CSV source and the Data Feed has 5 CSV files related with Risk Management information (in ARCM).

The Dashboard was built with the user system, and privileges (Dashboard and Data Feed) were assigned to a specific user group, which until now I have been able to see everything correctly.

Currently, the Data Feed is not producing any tables because the primary data source (ARCM) does not working, and the dashboard is not working too. 

What will be the solution?

Best Regards, 

Ana Rita Lopes