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Good afternoon,

I'm working with ARIS Designer 9.8 and ARIS Connect 9.8, and I have a question.

How can I put a user in charge of the processes, which are modeled in ARIS Deisgner, so that in the collaborative component of ARIS Connect it is possible to send alerts directly / automatically to this user?
The user that I want to place as the "owner" of the processes exists in the umc through AD and also in the Designer (configured object), taking into account that he has responsibilities in the risk component - ARCM.

In ARIS Connect there are several functions (image below) such as:
- Submit change request;
- Propose document;
- Comment.
The goal is that users who have access to these processes in Connect can perform these functions and the defined user would receive the notifications. We intend to appoint a person responsible for ALL processes, receiving notifications of change, suggestion or comment.

How can I do this?

Thank you!

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