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Good morning,

I hope you all meet well. I have a question related to ARIS Aware.

The client intends to create a dashboard with statistical information related to user actions (Viewers) in ARIS Connect (number of clicks on models, number of views for each model, number of entries for each user, etc.) . To meet these needs we will proceed with the installation of Matomo. Matomo will process the information and extract the statistical data we want, in turn, this data will be integrated with ARIS Aware to create a dashboard.
In addition, after the dashboard is created, the client wants to be able to extract a report from the dashboard (a dasboard button), with this functionality the user should be able to extract the information and use it as intended , convert, change, share, ect).
Is it possible to integrate a report into dashboard - ARIS Aware?
In other words, is it possible to have a button on the Dashboard that allows the extraction?
If yes, where should we develop the report (Designer, ARCM), considering that it needs information from Matomo?

Thank you, 

Ana Rita Lopes

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