Dear All,

I want to know about Sharepoint Integration with Aris Business Architect 7.2. I want to show Aris models in Sharepoint to the client. I don't know much about Sharepoint.

However,I had a doubt that though Sharepoint must be having a built-in functionality of integrating with external applications, where do I find such functionality in Aris? 

If there is connector of some sort, where can I get it/where do i download it from?

Is there is a built-in connector for Aris?

Even if I get this connector, in which module of Aris do I put it?

I will be really greatful if somebody helps me on this,since I have to complete this by the end of this week.

Thanks in advance,



by Stefan Geis
Posted on Tue, 02/12/2013 - 08:53

Others should correct me but AFAIK there is no ready to use ARIS-SP connector.

SP provides a multitude of data types to be managed. If you imagine something similar like the connection between ARIS Business Server and ARIS Business Publishing Server, I doubt that this exists OOTB.

Depending on your needs, the most simple "connector" is exporting models as graphic and importing them as this to SP. If the number of models is high, you might need a script that does this export e.g. for all modles within a group in order to have this done by the end of this week...

If you want to use SP as a publishing target (i.e. publishing output goes to SP instead of to ARIS Business Publishing Server and offers the same/similar navigation and evaluation features like ABP) you just had a great product idea which needs a lot of work to implement ;-)

by Murali Krishna K
Posted on Fri, 02/15/2013 - 10:08

Hi Anaya,

You can also try exporting HTML output of ARIS models,and load them on to share point.This is little time consuming,but it works well if the number of connected models  are  not too many.You can view and navaigate maps as you do in ARIS,along with all stored attributes.

You may have to decide on some maintenanace procedure, so that the model you will see in SP are latest/relavent.

Murali Krishna K



by Dave Runyan
Posted on Wed, 06/12/2013 - 00:32

Hello All,

Like Anaya, I would also like to make the read-only Business Publisher view of our ARIS process models available to a wide audience, potentially hundreds of people.  But my luck has not been as good as Murali's, though I am using his technique.

To create the content, I used the HTML-Export report and sent the output to my own hard-drive, then   uploaded the files to a SharePoint library and linked-to the “index.htm” file using the SharePoint Page Viewer web part. (I also substituted a nicer logo than the brown globe in “bgleer.jpg”, but made no other changes.)

The problem we are encountering is that the home page displays correctly, but none of the model navigation works beneath it.  We do not have the JavaScript expertise available to see how the ARIS navigation links are called or stored, but our theory is that this may be due to the need for releative hyperlinks versus absolute, and/or the Frames pages in the ARIS code not being interpreted correctly in the Page Viewer web part, and/or the way the JavaScript and/or .css files are being handled.


1. Are there different reasons, besides our theory, that could be causing our problem?

2. Are there any of the HTML-export report parameters that will address this problem?  I only changed the “assignment level” to 99, instead of the default 0, but I have not messed with any of the other parameters.

3. Are there other SharePoint / Web-Part options that will address this problem? We’ve tried the Content Editor web part without success (copied/pasted the index.htm code)

4. If worst comes to worst and we have to try some post-processing of the code, is there a cookbook that will tell us how the HTML-export-generated code works?  (I will go to the reporting / macro and ask that if it becomes necessary.)



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