Hi Community

In ARIS 7.1 I've defined a set of Capability and Task objects which are connected using the Refers To connection type. The modelling rules are that each Capability and Task can only be connected once, but that a single Capability can connect to several (or all) Tasks and vice-versa.

Each Refers To connection contains an attribute with a numerical value. My stakeholder asked me to report on that raw value (i.e. output it), and I was able to create a report using Design View. 

Now, my stakeholder has asked me to report on the arithmetic mean of that value as it relates to Capabilities, i.e. what is the mean of the attribute values for Capability X? This does not seem possible to implement in Design View. For example, if I create a Data Table, and set the repetition Query on the Capability object (so that each unique object has a unique row in the Table), then define a Data Field in a table column to return the attribute value for all connections, the script returns in each such cell a list of all the individual values for the related connections. This seems to preclude me from creating a report for any summary statistics, but I noticed that Marcus Sandberg created just this for attributes (but not attribute values) in a post in this same forum called "Attribute statistics - Example of customized ARIS report".

My experience in ARIS scripting is limited to Design View, and I have no experience in coding. It would be simple enough to use the first script to dump the raw values to Excel where I can transform them using a pivot table, but I would like to know if there is a solution using ARIS reports or macros in either Design or Code Views.




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