I have recently completed the merger of two databases in ARIS, using standard merging functionality (have not used XML imports).

During a check of the models by myself and other users it was determined that objects cannot be viewed by other users and that they appear as a grey dashed outline in the model. Checking the same model with my admin credentials I can see a complete model with all objects.

Creating another user as a system admin, they could also see the models, but only a few objects were missing. We have also tested logging in with our credentials on each others machines, and the same results are yielded. I can see all models using my admin login, other users see missing objects.

The issue seems to apply to certain models and not others.
All models were created on similar machines using the same license key types (we are all using ARIS BA 7.2)
A restart of ARIS services on the server and reboot of user machines has not been successful.
All mergers were simulated first and logs checked prior to the actual merge, with no errors being discovered.

Has anyone in the ARIS community come across a similar issue in the past? Can anyone suggest any alternate methods or system settings to check?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.


Tags: ARIS Architect EPC