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I am using ARIS Cloud with a user account on a 'Designer' license. I've downloaded the client software package (consisting of 'ARIS Architect & Designer 9.8', 'ARIS Server Administrator 9.8' and 'ARIS Symbol Editor 9.8').

I can connect the Server Administrator to my ARIS Cloud by specifying the hostname (, username/password, the tenant and checking 'Use SSL'.

However, when I try to do the same with Architect & Designer, I get the following message:

"User *** has no license for using 'ARIS Designer or ARIS Architect'. Make sure that a suitable ARIS Connect or ARIS Design Server license is available on the server."


I really want to be able to edit models through the client software, but it is unclear to me how I can achieve this. I seem to have a Designer license when I look at the User Management in ARIS Cloud, but I can not seem to connect through the client.

Is this the correct way to design my models through the client?