I have searched through the forum to find out if anyone has had issues relating to ARIS Model document link (URL) synchronization to Solution Manager with no luck.

See attached - Document Link Part 1 URL applied, plus GUID added - Test is successful and the Model is displayed.

All other structural elements have been synchronized down to SolMan.

1. Documents for Synchronization have been retrieved from Solution Manager, in ARIS Configuration and are correctly setup in Solution Manager Implementation Project - I have identified 3 document types (HTM / DOC / TXT) - I have also used URL, to test if the incorrect doc type was this.

2. Document Link successfully Launches via Test Button

3. Sync Log identifies error as:

"An error occurred with regard to element 'Scenario Accounts Payable' while accessing the SAP system. The synchronization of the derived elements will be canceled.The error message is: 'INVALID_NOTE_TYPE'".

Further digging by a colleague identified



Any assistance would be appreciated.




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