Hi community.
Our organisation has recently allowed PIN/Windows Hello/Fingerprint authentication options as a preference to access Windows 10.  We use single sign-on for our various apps, including ARIS Connect.

When accessing connect after using one of the alternative log-on options, we get the attached error message. It is possible to get around by locking the PC, then unlocking using the password specifically, but this is not a desirable solution for the different people throughout the organisation with whom we need to consult on model details.

I raised it in ARIS incident management, but there wasn't much help they could give me in terms of configuring ARIS to accept multi-factor authentication. I can see there's an option in the Admin console, but it talks about how it's only available through the API - which I don't really get.

I'm a little surprised no-one else seems to have encountered this issue here - does anyone have any guidance on how to proceed? 

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