I am trying to display, the content of object link by inserting the path of the file on Function box in a EPC process.

1. Right click on the symbol and click properties.

2. Locate and click format and choose "Attribute placement"

3. To the right locate and click "ADD"

4. Locate Object Link and bottom right click edit.

5. Cop and paste the file of the image i want to display J:\BPM\BU1\Morristown\TEST2.jpg and click ok bottom right

7.Click ok once again.

8. On the "Placement Object link" choose bottom right or left and click ok.

9. Instead of showing me the file path is it possible to show me the actual content inside the file path. (Test2.jpg is a picture of a  red circle). Next to the symbol to display the red circle next to it.


Running ARIS Business Architect 7.1



Is there different methods to achieve what I am asking or do to make additional  changes to my existing method???





Tags: ARIS Architect