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I would like to edit the names of the columns in the EPC Col Display model type to better match the corresponding RACI matrix created in Publisher. So I have renamed the ARIS Default connections of "Is technically responsible for" and "carries out" to "is accountable for" and "is responsible for," respectively. This worked wonderfully for attached roles with their relationship name placed. 

Now I would like to rename the columns in the EPC Column Display model type to match as well. I can do this manually be simply renaming the title of the column, but this is not an option as I have 1000+ EPC models in my database.

Is there a way to edit the default titles of the columns of the EPC Column Display model? (I would also like to have an "other" column as the far left column be named "Header" by default, but first things first....)



Tags: EPC ARIS script