Can we create enterprise archtiecture using Process Live?


Best Regards

Amit Chauhan

by Eva Klein
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Posted on Tue, 11/12/2013 - 12:53

Hi Amit,

can you please explain in more detail what exactly you want to illustrate (e.g. which models do you need for this purpose)?



by Marie Heil
Posted on Tue, 11/12/2013 - 15:50

Hi Amit

yees you can create enterprise archtiecture in Process Live.

To do this you can use the following model types:

  • Access diagram
  • Access diagram (physical)
  • Application collaboration diagram
  • Application collaboration diagram (physical)
  • Application system diagram
  • Application system type diagram
  • ArchiMate model
  • BPMN allocation diagram (BPMN 2.0)
  • BPMN collaboration diagram (BPMN 2.0)
  • BPMN conversation diagram (BPMN 2.0)
  • BPMN process diagram (BPMN 2.0)
  • BSC Cause-and-effect diagram
  • Bow tie diagram
  • Business controls diagram
  • Business footprint diagram
  • Business rule allocation diagram
  • Business rule architecture diagram
  • Business segment matrix
  • CtX-tree
  • Data Warehouse model
  • eERM
  • eERM attribute assignment diagram
  • EPC (Event-driven process chain)
  • EPC (column display)
  • EPC (horizontal table display)
  • EPC (material flow)
  • EPC (row display)
  • EPC (table display)
  • Fishbone
  • Function allocation diagram
  • Function tree
  • IE data model
  • Information carrier diagram
  • IT architecture mapping
  • IT architecture matrix
  • Knowledge map
  • Knowledge structure diagram
  • KPI allocation diagram
  • KPI tree
  • Network diagram
  • Network topology
  • Objective diagram
  • Organizational chart
  • Process selection diagram
  • Product allocation diagram
  • Product selection matrix
  • Product/Service exchange diagram
  • Product/Service tree
  • Product tree
  • Requirement allocation diagram
  • Requirements tree
  • Risk diagram
  • Role diagram
  • SAP BW data flow model
  • SAP BW mapping multi provider
  • SAP BW transformation
  • SAP BW structure
  • Service allocation diagram
  • Service architecture diagram
  • Service collaboration diagram
  • Screen diagram
  • Strategy allocation diagram
  • Strategy diagram
  • Structuring model
  • SWOT diagram
  • Table diagram
  • Task allocation diagram
  • Technical resources
  • Technical terms model
  • TOGAF diagram
  • Value-added chain diagram
  • Value stream map



by Amit Chauhan Author
Posted on Thu, 11/14/2013 - 02:04

Dear Eva:

I would like to know if all the four layers of architectures (Process, Information, Application and Technical Architecture) can be created using Process Live. With one subscription, can we get access to create all levels or we may require separate subscription for each layer creation. For ex. We are using ARIS Business Architect and ARIS IT Architect as two platforms to build all four architectures. 


Dear Marie:

Thank you so much for the detailed list of models which can be created using Process Live. I hope with one license of process live, we can create IT Architect and Business Architect too.


Best Regards

Amit Chauhan

by Marie Heil
Posted on Thu, 11/14/2013 - 14:15

Hi Amit

Process Live is no ARIS IT Architect or Business Architect in the cloud. It is a tool to model your processes as you already know it from ARIS (also with the central repository). You can use Process Live to design, share and collaboratively improve processes all in the same environment. After your process improvement project is done you can download your database to save the data or to use it in a Business Architect or the IT Architect.

To work with Process Live you need at least one designer. But to use the collaboration capabilities you need more designers or viewers.  On overview of the differences between designer and viewer and the princing is available on




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