We have a Macro which is event triggered when opening a Model. The Macro triggers a Report script that sets colors on all Function objects based on attribute values.


This Macro ran fast in ARIS 7, but now when testing on ARIS9 it takes much longer (e.g. a model that took 10 seconds to open in ARIS7.2 now takes 90 seconds in ARIS9.7). By tracing the SQL calls, we see that ARIS9 is performing much more DB communication (a factor 7 more than ARIS7), so this might explain some of the performance loss.


We really only need to set the color in the client interface without the need of saving it to the database, so my question is if we can do that directly on the client via a Macro (instead of a Report script) so that we avoid DB communications needed to save the color change and load it back to the client?

Best regards,
Carl Christian


Tags: macro