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Welcome back or welcome if you’re new and haven’t watched any of the other “Women in BPM” interviews. With “Women in BPM” we want to give women from the BPM world a voice, learn more about their journeys, get insights into their success stories and find out why they are so passionate about all things processes. The series is intended to inspire women who are not yet active in the field of BPM, as well as to inspire strong leaders that are already working in the field.

One of these incredible female leaders is Sylvia Groenbos whom we interviewed in the third episode. She is the GDPP global administrator at ING Bank in the Netherlands as well as the vice president of the ARIS International User Group. Sylvia shares who inspired her, what drives her in her daily work, talks about leadership, and what she loves about her job. It’s all about having the right process mindset and understanding it.

In her interview, you can really feel her passion for processes and for ARIS, tune in to get inspired by her story and her thoughts on working in the BPM field.


Topics that are covered:

✅ Passion for ARIS

✅Career drivers

✅Process mindset

✅ Challenges for female leader


Get all the details from Sylvia’s success story!


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