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You want to make a name for yourself in the business world and don't know how? Watch the latest episode of our Women in BPM series and learn from Juliana Johari how she did it. She is the Senior Manager of Organizational Improvement/Transformation, Change Management, and Human Capital Strategy at PETRONAS and is giving away her best tips and tricks and what she learned along her journey.  


In her interview, she is sharing how she entered her job, why she is so passionate about process improvement and management, and how they started with process management in the company.


“We have to work together to achieve the organization’s greater goal.” 


She also explains why she is so successful as a woman in what she does and how she manages to assert herself in a room full of men. According to her and comes down to two characteristics: being a people person and being someone who goes for challenges.  


Overview of the topics that are covered: 

✅ Improving processes 

✅ Challenging the status quo 

✅ Why BPM is interesting to everybody 

✅ Change management and why it’s so important 


Watch Juliana Johari’s interview below and learn more about her and her incredible success story! 


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