Hi, I am trying to create EPC models using Macros.

Hoping to get some help on the following areas in bold font.


var myDBs = Context.getSelectedDatabases()
var mainGroup = Explorer.getMainGroup(myDBs[0]);

var group1=Explorer.createGroup ( mainGroup, "Group1" )

var model1= Explorer.createModel ( group1, "Model1", 13 )
var objDef1 = Explorer.createObjDef ( group1, "Activity1", 22, 335 )
Designer.createAssignmentExistingModelPersistent ( objDef1, model1)

// the Activity is created and assigned but is not renedered in the Model.

// Question: How do I create the object (Activity1) in the model?


var objDef2 = Explorer.createObjDef ( group1, "Subsystem", 270, 817)  //object, symbol

// Exception throws:  reference Error: "ObjDef1" is not defined

// Question: Why is this being thrown?  objDef1 is defined.  Is it that Activity1 is not created in the model?
Designer.createCxnDefPersistent ( objDef2, ObjDef1, 49 ) // 49 "is input for"

catch( e)
var a=e


Tags: tutorial ARIS script