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I'm having trouble in making a dialog box work with a Dialog Function. The problem is, I don't even know what is the matter, because when I try to run it, Aris doesn't report any specific or generic sintax error. It simply says "Error running script". 

What is my goal with this script: I simply want to make the Ok button disabled and to make it available only if the user check the Check Box. Otherwise, only the Cancel button will be available.

I wonder if someone has any idea what am I not seeing here.


function dialogo(){  
var Template = Dialogs.createNewDialogTemplate(0,0,570,40,"Importação não concluída");
        Template.GroupBox(25,5, 400, 45, "Resumo da Importação")
        Template.Text(35,20,400,100, numObjAris+" objetos foram encontrados no modelo Aris.")
        Template.Text(35,30,400,100, numObjXML+" objetos foram encontrados no XML importado.")
  Template.Table(25, 55, 550, 140, ["Objeto"], [Constants.TABLECOLUMN_SINGLELINE], [120], "tabela_Objetos", Constants.TABLE_STYLE_DEFAULT);
        Template.CheckBox(420,195,200,30, "Gerar relatório de erro", "RELATORIO")

 var criarDialogo = Dialogs.createUserDialog(Template);
        criarDialogo.setDlgListBoxArray("tabela_Objetos", objetosArray);
        criarDialogo.setDlgEnable(5, false);    

 var Result =;

function eventos(item, ação, valor){
        var retorno = false;
           case 2:
            criarDialogo.setDlgEnable(2, true);

        return retorno;


by Robert Goldenbaum
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Posted on Tue, 02/23/2016 - 08:49


as fas as I know, you cannot disable the standard ok and cancel buttons...

BR Robert

by Celso Mattheus Cantanhede Silva Author
Posted on Wed, 02/24/2016 - 15:50

In reply to by rgoldenbaum

Oh. Didn't know that. Well, I'll try something else then. Thank you.


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