Folks, philosophically, I believe in driving "applications engineering" (via structure, filters, macros, etc.) in ARIS for users with two basic goals in mind: 1) minimize ramp up time from a beginner to a multi-dimensional modeler; 2) minimize needed "ARIS" epertise and maximize modeling and analysis expertise; 3) minimize "noise" in reporting and analysis created by needless duplication, unneccessary use of relationships, etc.

To that end, it would be extremely helpful for a macro series to help enable these these goals.

For example: a macro that would execute automatically:

  • when creating an assignment
  • that would generate the "correct" model,
  • with a menu to drive loading the appropriate parameters,
  • placing the new model in an appropriate subdirectory (which of course would be appropriately named based on some protocol),
  • and, of couse, naming the model appropriately (based on some protocol).

 . . . and any other macros that would reenforce modeling discipline, enhance object loading, navigation, generating different kinds of models based on excel upload, etc.

Any one else interested??