We have configured Kerberos for SSO in ARIS v9.8SR8 and recently had to reset the password for the Service account.

Now in-order for the SSO to start working again i see in the Installation document provided by SAG that KeyTab needs to be re-uploaded.

When checked in Installation folder I see there are 6 location where the Ktab.exe is present and I ran the command using one of the exe file as provided in the document and then re-uploaded it in the UMC admin, but it seems to have no effect and I am still not able to login automatically without providing the User ID and password.

Can you please help me what steps am I missing that it is not working. I dont see any error message while running the command or when re-uploading. Is there any other settings which needs to be performed?


Below are the commands present in the document and provided while creating

ktab -a <TECHUSER_USER_PRINCIPAL_NAME> -n 0 -append -k umc.keytab

Principal : _aris-np

Command Used :   ktab -a _aris-np -n 0 -append -k umc.keytab  

Password was provided when prompted

Done!. Service key is saved in umc.keytab 

is the success message appeared.

The umc.keytab was later re-uploaded in UMC Admin and was successfully uploaded.

Is there any other steps which i missed or not done properly?


Thanks and Regards,

Chethan Rao



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