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On May 5, 4-5 p.m. (CEST), you will have the chance to chat with Dr. Wolfram Jost on his Weblog "Why focus on the "B" in Business Process Management" on SAP BPX Community. I think it is a great opportunity to share your thoughts and comments about Business Process Management with a member of the executive board of IDS Scheer. In his blog, Dr. Jost focuses on the importance of the business aspect of BPM, just in times of economic crisis...

"The automatic reaction of businesses to the current economic crisis is to seek ways of cutting costs. In many cases, however, they do so blindly and without really knowing whether such measures will deliver the desired results, i.e., allow them to survive. In my view, these organizations are going about it the wrong way: the key to survival and maximizing market potential are investment and/or developing growing business areas. At first sight, the idea of spending money in times of crisis appears counter-intuitive, but making the right investment at the right time can ensure survival. To do this, you need to consider where and how the money can best be put to use - which is only possible if you know your value-adding processes inside out and have identified existing weaknesses."

You can comment his blog and "chat live" with Dr. Jost tomorrow, May 5, by register as member of SAP BPX Community. If you are not registered yet, please follow this link (it takes only a few minutes):

I would be happy if our ARIS BPM Blog readers will join and discuss with Dr. Jost!

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